Thursday, 25 July 2013

It is not raining in Santiago. Santiago is crying.

Santiago de Compostela is a city in the North-West of Spain, quite famous because of "the way of Santiago", throgh it, thousands of pilgrims come to Santiago every year, some of them for religious reasons and others just to live the experience. The most famous of the ways is the French way and even people who arrive to Santiago, decide to finish the way in Finisterre (which was supposed to be the "end of the world" in the Middle Ages).

Finisterre, by amaianos.
by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez

Aall through the way there are those symbols of Santiago and you have to keep following them, when you arrive to Santiago, they give you "la compostelana", a certificate that shows you have done the way.

by Dietmar Giljohann
The Scallop shell is the symbol of several Ways of St. James.

I arrived to Santiago five years ago, when I started University, Santiago has a quite big University, and as it is a small city, during the course, it has a quite big culture and University life. This charming city has involved me, and has made me like it every year even more.

by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez

The Cathedral of Santiago is the most famous monument, during the Middle Ages, Santiago was the main pligrimage destination for Christians, along with Rome and Mecca for the Muslims. Even during that period of time, so many people came that they only could stay there for a maximum of three days.

Santiago is quite small, but it has plenty of nice places to visit like the "alameda" a big tree-lined park in the centre, the Cathedral, the old town, with its narrow streets and its typical shops of traditional food (the cake of Santiago is very very tasty!).

by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez

The University of Santiago has 2 campuses in the city, the South Campus, also called the Campus Vida ( Life Campus) and the North Campus (I ask myself if the South Campus is called Life-Campus, is the North-Campus the Dead-Campus?

by Ansoutvi

If I have chosen this city to study it is because it is the nearest to my home, and therefore, the cheapest. I am happy studying there. Some people, complain, that in Santiago it rains a lot in winter, but even that is an advantage for me...furthermore, the bad weather is good to keep concentrated and studying!.

There is a famous film, called "The Way" the main actor is Martin Sheen, and it is dedicated to his grandfather, who was born in Santiago. I recommend everybody who is interested in this issue to watch it! He has said that the way starts being a physical experience and ends being something spiritual.

Have you been to Santiago? Has anybody told you that the way changed their life? Would you do the Camino de Santiago?

25 of July is the big day of Santiago, and all the Area, Galicia, with several days of events and parties everywhere. However, this year, has been devastated because of a tragic accident, a train derailment has left at least 80 dead. I have no words to express how much sadness we all are feeling, when something is so close to you, it is a shock.


  1. Here in the UK we've seen a lot about this tragedy in the news. To all all families, relatives and friends we are deeply saddened and upset by these events.

    1. thanks for your words. It is encouraging.