Saturday, 13 July 2013


Have you ever been to Jeju?
Jeju is an island of South Korea, quite famous in Asia.

It is a small island with many luxurious hotels and it is quite common that rich people go there in their honeymoon.

Who decides to go there, will keep in touch with nature and know the atmosphere of Korean life and its culture.

To get into Jeju, first you have to go to Seoul, and then to Jeju by plane. Taxis drivers... well...they don't know much English, and furthermore they don't know the place... and you have to keep holding well to the car... because they move quickly... but they have a mysterious and robotic voice which tells them how to get to the place and with a bit of luck, in the end, you arrive there.

Furthermore, they have a lot of oranges there, and they are very proud of their oranges.

In short, Jeju can be an interesting place if you like nature and not crowded places, a different and new destination to discover for many people, and it is in South Korea, which is always an advantage, with such advanced technology and furthermore, Korean women are very beautiful, and Korean people, like all Asian people, are very cute and polite...which is lovely. I feel quite identified with their personality... 

Would you like to visit Jeju? Have you tasted their oranges? Have you ever met a rude Asian person?

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