Monday, 8 July 2013

The Riviera Maya

La Riviera Maya is the main holiday destination in these days for many people, and I can't understand why.

I often keep my mind thinking, once in a blue moon, and I ask myself, what the fuck are people doing there? Where the only thing they have is too many hotels and too many tourists.

People go there to "have fun in the beach" (that is surprising, and doesn't have any scientific explanation, since the majority who say that are Spaniards... as if they hadn't seen the sea in their life...), but they even can't enjoy the beaches at all, because the majority of these people go to a luxurious hotel complex, almost without being able to go out of it... or even without the "almost".

And furthermore, what makes me laugh the most, is that they wanna go there to RELAX hahahahaha, of course!!!! the best place to relax is without any doubt the trip which is chosen by all University students in their graduation trips, and so many couples in their honeymoon... students crazy for becoming drunk and sweet couples of recent marriages... so nice company... it must suit a lot.

But there is even more! Some greedy people who dare say they want to visit the Riviera Maya to know the authentic Mexico, the Profundo Mexico, because, of course, the culture and the Mexican costumes are clearly shown by those so many Mexicans who are in the Riviera...These people are those who want to go to Disneyland Paris to know la France, too...

It is clearly that I wouldn't like to go there, a place where you will only meet drunk young Spaniards... Spaniards who have so many beaches at hand, might need the necessity of enjoying artificial beaches or luxurious swimming pools in hotels... 

What do you think about La Riviera? Is it your dream to go on your honeymoon there? Did I become crazy for not going there for my graduation trip?