Saturday, 6 July 2013

Paris, the paradise.

Today I wanna show the world, the most visited city ever, Paris, ohh Paris, I dare say there is no words to express how much I loved this city when I visited it, seven years ago already. It is a city which made me feel as if I were the main actress of a South American soap opera.

My travel to this city started with this picture ("cancelado" is a Spanish word, obviously coming from English: "cancel" and "ado"). So I had to arrive at Paris in a very poor elegant way, travelling for 24 hours by bus, after knowing that my flight had been cancelled, smelling everybody's sweat... the first step I put in Paris's pavement I realised that it wasn't necessary to buy a expensive perfume to mask the smell, because I got in love with Paris since the first moment, and I was raptured by its fragrance.

Paris is lovely, it is delighting, beautiful, stunning, in every corner, it is a city which shines, In short, I recommend everybody to visit Paris, at least, once.

The Sena River is amazing, to go in a ship at night, seeing the city with so many lights... The Eiffel Tower (go up to the third floor, keeping an eye on your wallet of course, and watching all the city)... incredible... (as you should know, it is forbidden to commint suicide from there).  

The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, going for a walk trough the latin quarter (which is, regardless, full of French people)... going to see where Amélie was recorded, Moulin Rouge. Going to visit the Sacre Coeur...

Other thing you can visit is the museums...even people who don't know how to appreciate the art, like me, are quite impressed.

Some free and funny stupid things you can do there are:

-Make a picture with the soldier which is patrolling the area, if he is not in a very bad mood.

-Sitting on a statue of Napoleon before a guard shouts at you to get out of there.

-Sing the name of the tube station after it is singed by the voice of the tube.

-Go up the escalator in the Louvre Museum which moves in the opposite direction to leave the Japanese and Chinese tourists with a poker face.

-Keeping an eye on your bag in every place (this is not a stupid advise) because maybe, this city is somewhat more insecure than other European capitals.

I think Paris is one of a few cities which is loved by everybody, another thing is French people... which is said to be rude, cubbish, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, ill-bred... however, I was very lucky because all French people I spoke with, were very polite and glamourous, and that made me think that maybe that is a cliché of people who would wish to be French.

Another thing that I love about Paris, it is that it is full of artists who know painting, drawing..., you can see then in every street, and they usually offer you to portrait you, or to do a caricature, I think they are a very good souvenir which will make you remember this magic city.

And this was, the last picture of the trip.

Have you visited Paris? Is there anyone who thinks that this city sucks? What do you recommend me to visit if one day I have the chance to go there again?

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