Monday, 22 July 2013


Hello everybody! 
I am writing today about a city that is very special for me, that I had the opportunity of visiting when I was 18 for a month, and although it was not the most fun and enjoyable trip for me, I really think this was one of my top five beautiful places I've ever been, and will be, forever, and ever, it will be in a corner of my heart.

This is Vancouver... a seaside city in the west coast of Canada, with a quite soft weather in summer for my surprise. And I dare say, this is the city, by far, where I have seen so many many expensive cars... I never know when a car is expensive, but my friend who likes cars and those things, was all the time telling me about the price, he was delighted, so we took so many pictures with them...I don't know why, since, I have always loved more using public transport, I am such a cosmopolitan person... and I ask myself if those owners of the cars would astonish if they saw how  the Renault 18 of my parents at that time with a door which didn't open from inside, and the other door, from the outside...

Vancouver  is such a nice city to visit and I suppose, even more to live, its public transport is so good, Canadian people...what to say about Canadian people? they are so perfect people, so nice, so polite, so handsome, so blond and so tall... yummy, yummy.

I have been seeing in the last years that Vancouver is always in the top 2 or 3 cities with the best quality of life....and when I visited it, I even didn't know that those lists existed, and I thought it, every moment.

Vancouver is a beautiful, stunning, city where you can breathe quite fresh air, because it has a lot of nature around and in there, some big parks like Stanley park (absolutely relaxing and nice) or Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It is very common that you see many different animals there... what Canada has, which is impressive, it is its amount of nature... I am not a person who loves the country... but I just got astonished with that incredible mixture of city and nature...

As the majority of the most pleasant cities, it has some nice beaches, the most famous probably is English Bay.

In short, I think I am writing about a city which I would recommend everybody to visit not only for its beauty, but also for its nature, for its warm and peaceful atmosphere, for its people...

I felt so fortunate that I could have visited that city. I wish one day I'll  go back to Canada.

Nowadays, five years after that trip, I feel I didn't exploit as much as I should my time there... maybe because I was very young.
I didn't go out there, and I didn't visit the outskirts of that place, or the city well.

So, please, tell me, Have you ever been to Vancouver? Are there any discos and pubs to go out? Do you know if a car is cheap or expensive without looking at the driver's clothes?

(The pictures don't make it justice).


  1. Yup, I live here and forever I shall remain.

    1. Your are lucky! Although I think it is good for everybody to go out for some know other places!

  2. Thankyou, that was a lovely blog. I live here and would never leave; I also think it is the nature in the city that makes it special. I have tons of photos on flickr if you want to look at them. And English Bay beach is probably the most popular beach because it is in the downtown but there are 13 miles of beaches in Vancouver, and some are almost deserted if you like that too.

    1. Oh thanks for your comment! Your pics of Vancouver are incredible!!! I wish I had such a good camera and I were such a good photographer. With your comment I regret even more, not to have exploited my time there, because it was my opportunity. It is an incredible city for sure.

  3. I really like your travel blog; it's honest, entertaining and most of all unpretentious. I plan to move back to Vancouver once I finish my degree in Brisbane Australia. I hope you can visit Vancouver sometime in the near future: )

    1. I am so happy for your words! You really have chosen the best places: Australia, Vancouver...