Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Los Angeles is not an angelical city

Today I wanna write about a city which, from my point of view, has nothing, or almost nothing good to visit, let alone to live there.

This city, Los Angeles, I can't understand why it is so famous because it has several important disadvantages.

Who can like a city in which you can't move out of home without using a car? It is all roads, roads, and more roads, and high-roads, and high-ways. So, there is no place there, for people, like me, who love walking some time in our life, without having to take the car. So if you decide to go there, and walk around, it might be you are raped, or run over, I can imagine.

I am not surprised that people are worried about obesity and heart-attacks in that area, they just need sidewalks and get people used to use them.

Furthermore, one of the most touristic things that Los Angeles is supposed to have, it is Hollywood, ohhhhhhh Hollywod!!!! people can think. OMG, just have to see that typical picture of Hollywood, and realise that it is a dry hill, with some brave grass...which doesn't have any pastures for the cows... and with several electric poles, it seems like a deserted and abandoned place.

I am quite surprised that this city is quite famous... I have never been there... and I won't go, unless it is for free and I have nothing better to do because I am in passing...

It seems to be a city of no medium class, either very rich or very poor. And that sucks.

In short, if you were me, you wouldn't visit that city, however, there are many people, I think, that visited this city and liked it, so, I can't give you the advise that you don't visit it. Just say, that I wouldn't be looking forward to go...

Have you ever gone there? Do you think I am completely wrong? Are people from LA so posh and extreme... strange... as they seem? do you think it is a good place to visit for a young sweet girl like me?

These photos are taken from google images.


  1. que buen post, me ha encantado que ganas de visitarlo tengo!

    Si quieres ganar un reloj Daniel Wellington, pásate por el blog estoy de sorteo!

  2. I think it's impossible to for a true,unbiased and completely accurate depiction of a place if you have not been there and have not experience it for yourself. I am from Los Angeles(Santa Monica area) and while I think you make a couple good points, on a whole Los Angeles is a very beautiful place. The city has an energy about it that is extremely specific to Los Angeles; it has many beautiful spots that make it an attractive destination, which is why it's the number 1 visited area in the United States as well as California being number 1 visited state in the U.S. I hope you will be able to visit one day,and your opinion may be changed!

  3. Thanks for your long comment! My blog is not unbiased and accurate because it is always my opinion, of different places, and as I wrote in the beginning of the blog the first day, my opinion can be completely different from yours. Maybe I am too honest and that can be a problem for some people...
    I don't know if after that opinion I am welcome in your city, but if some day I changed my opinion, I don't think so, but it is probably if I knew the city I could find some good point of it...and this blog would keep update, I would write about it for sure.
    But, I think there is no problem if we all don't like the same places...

  4. Ummm, please grow up. The average house in Los Angeles costs over a million dollars...there is a reason for this!

    1. hahaha probably more than one reason!